I was slightly irked by a line in a local newspaper this week. The lead article was about two women who are supporting a charity, and it rated as news because they are both successful media stars.  However, the second paragraph placed them firmly in their traditional roles by describing them as “mothers”, an interesting side issue, but not at all relevant to the topic. I grizzled, thus: It was nice of you to point out that Jeanette Thomas and Trudi Nelson are “mothers”, even…Continue Reading “Keeping news reporting relevant”

What’s a pixel? How big is an em? What about rem? How big are they? I sometimes have to explainn the differences between these, particularly when to use them.  I made a little demo page to help Try this  http://is.gd/pxorem There’s four bars that are direct children of the body, and they are repeated inside a div.  You can set the font size of the body and the div, and set the widths of each in em, rem, px and %.  It’s a bit clunky…Continue Reading “Em and pixels compared”