Godaddy’s unusable form costs them sales

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I’ve used Godaddy for years.  I was always amused by their efforts to make sure I never missed a single special offer, forcing me to find a tiny “Proceed” button in a different place on every page while avoiding the big “ADD ME” button, but at least when it came time to pay it was relatively easy, and they filled in the form for me with all my details.

I went to register another site a couple of days ago butI kept being confronted by an error message about the name of the state being wrong.  Nothing would get me past it, so I gave up, bought the name from Namecheap, and, because I am one of the 1 in 20 who tells, I told Godaddy.  They got back to me within hours with this.

Thank you for contacting Online Support. I understand you are writing in about registering a domain name.

When you are filling in contact information for a country outside the United States you will need to fill in the Country drop-down box with the correct country before the State drop-down box. This should automatically set the ‘State’ drop-down box to ‘Not Applicable’ and you can then enter your State or Province into the text box below the ‘State’ drop-down. If you do not have a State of Province to enter it may be necessary to enter Not Applicable into this text box as well.

 Well ain’t I stoopid.  Of course I should have realised that it was this simple. I replied

Thanks for taking the time to explain your form to me.  You might like to forward this to your design team because they should know that I am using Godaddy in my course on web usability, showing how a system that could have easily been corrected by good design and intelligent back-end processing, is actually getting in the way of sales because users Don’t Want To Think.

I’m not going to remember the “special” way Godaddy forms have to be filled in, especially when the info in them has been picked up from your database and has never caused a problem in the past.  It used to work properly, but your system has changed, and so I have spenht my money elsewhere.

For every complaint you receive, there will be at least 20 who don’t tell you and simply move on.

It’s a shame, because I like Danica.

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