I don’t like phone spam.

My land line is connected only for data, and increasingly rare calls to or from family.  Most people call my mobile which with Mr Number’s help does not receive unwanted calls, so when I have to get up, cross the room, interrupt whatever I’m doing just to hear someone make me an offer I don’t want to hear, I get a little annoyed.

Listen up cold callers. PHONE SPAM IS RUDE

I’m setting up a list here of businesses who have called me in the hope that others will read this and treat these rude bastards the same way, ie boycotting them forever.

That’s right, phone spammer, you only need to call me once and I will never, ever use your services, buy your products, donate to your charity or support your cause.  Never.


How to deal with phone spammers

12 July, 2012, 7:30pm   Greenfingers


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