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Keeping news reporting relevant

I was slightly irked by a line in a local newspaper this week. The lead article was about two women who are supporting a charity, and it rated as news because they are both successful media stars.  However, the second paragraph placed them firmly in their traditional roles by describing them as “mothers”, an interesting […]

How to deal with phone spammers

1) If you’re feeling polite. Ask them how they got your number, and ask them to remove it from their database. 2) Less polite. Demand that they remove your number and make sure they never call it again or you will sue them for harassment. 3) Want to have some fun Tell them you are […]

Phone spam

I don’t like phone spam. My land line is connected only for data, and increasingly rare calls to or from family.  Most people call my mobile which with Mr Number’s help does not receive unwanted calls, so when I have to get up, cross the room, interrupt whatever I’m doing just to hear someone make me an […]