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Godaddy’s unusable form costs them sales

I’ve used Godaddy for years.  I was always amused by their efforts to make sure I never missed a single special offer, forcing me to find a tiny “Proceed” button in a different place on every page while avoiding the big “ADD ME” button, but at least when it came time to pay it was […]

The 3 second rule

When someone looks at a web site for the first time they will give it 3 seconds to answer the following: What sort of place is this? What have you got? What should I do? What do I do next? If they don’t get a satisfactory answer, they simply go back to Google and start […]

Three assumptions you should make about every web user

Obviously this post is intended for web creators. You must assume that everyone who visits your web sites is one, or all of the following: Stupid Impatient Evil Exceptions to this is anyone who says “That’s lovely, dear”, because your mother is obviously none of the above, but nor is she an honest judge of […]