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Em and pixels compared

What’s a pixel? How big is an em? What about rem? How big are they? I sometimes have to explainn the differences between these, particularly when to use them.  I made a little demo page to help Try this There’s four bars that are direct children of the body, and they are repeated inside […]

Sublime Edit

Save your settings Since you can purchase this on a per user basis, and it takes so much effort customise it every time, here’s how to do it once with Dropbox. Useful shortcuts Control spacebar – code hints + more BracketHighlighting Put this into your themes file, in my case Monokai.tmTheme <!– BEGIN bracket […]

How to set up email forwarding to Gmail

Forward your email to Gmail Gmail is a great spam free way to read your emails, and if you set it up properly it can solve all your mobile email hassles. Wherever you have a browser, or wherever your smart phone can operate the mobile Gmail app, you’re in touch with everyone, and all your […]

Creepy, or helpful

Google Now might be a bit of a concern, or it might be extremely helpful.  Depends on your attitude to privacy, whether you want to cling on to the old “We are all islands” mentality or embrace the Hive mind and become part of the whole. My case.  Last week I went to Christchurch on […]

Set up git 1.8 with git completion and customized prompt

And colorize the text in terminal at the same time   Mac instructions: Run defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES in Terminal first so that hidden files can be seen in Finder.  Changing Yes to No will turn them off again. Get git-completion.bash and from git and install them in your user directory .git-completion.bash  […]

Cool job, no pay

“We’ve got this great new project/startup/charity that needs a great web site, and we  need a web designer who will work for free.” Of course you do dear, and you want a new car, and a beach house, a bigger phone and a lot of stuff. But the world doesn’t work like that, so don’t […]

Android proxy settings

Android proxy problems A lot of Android devices do not give the user access to proxy settings, and a lot of people are getting into problems by installing an app which gave access to the proxy settings, but once only.  I no longer have the app, or its name, but “check before you change” is a […]

Jquery browser dimensions

To show the current height and width of the browser, whack the following into your Jquery commands $(“#windowWidth”).text($(this).width()); $(“#windowHeight”).text($(this).height()); $(window).resize(function() { $(“#windowWidth”).text($(this).width()); $(“#windowHeight”).text($(this).height()); });   Then put a couple of elements on your page to display them Width: <span id=”windowWidth”></span> Height: <span id=”windowHeight”></span>

CodeIgniter and Jquery Ajax

A few tips I’ve found when making these two play nicely:- Bind Jquery events to the document with on() The update button in my admin area list has a class=”jqupdate”.  There is a Jquery routine to create it and load it into a div that is waiting on the page. When these buttons are created […]

A responsive image slider without Javascript

I had a job recently putting together yet another site  designed by a very good graphic artist who knew nothing about web.  First thing she did was put a great fat image slider at the top of the page so that no-one would be able to see any content above the fold, and even if […]