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How to remember super secure passwords

We all know the stats – I’ll just make some up because I can’t be bothered Googling tonight – 75% of help desk calls are “I’ve lost my password”,  password resets are more common than logins etc. We  have  to have secure passwords, but we can’t store them on line or write them down each […]

CodeIgniter set up

This is NOT a basic Codeigniter tutorial, but rather a reminder of the steps to take when setting up a new CI installation. Basic Installation Download the latest version (2.1.2 at time of writing). If you are working with a Cpanel web server, upload the zip file to the server and expand it.  It will […]

Don’t send me docs.

Here’s my reply to yet another recruitment company, asking me to be a referee.  They attached a MS Word doc to an email, and expected me to take 15 minutes out of my day, when a simple on-line form would have taken me 2 minutes.  Why do recruitment people, and it’s only thems, do this? […]

WordPress hacked and defended

Even more recent update. I think my mate Berend has finally found the culprit.  A couple of file uploaders were vulnerable, and images folders had a php file in them which could be called by direct dial as soon as the buggers had uploaded it.  They had seeded various folders with folders full of email […]

How to move WordPress to a new site

Take a complete dump of the database, making sure to check the “Drop table” option. In Cpanel’s file manager (or similar),  zip the entire folder of files containing the wordpress installation and download it. Place the sql file and the unzipped site files into one folder and use Komodo or other editor which can do […]